IMG_5362.JPGIMG_5363.JPGWhen I picked up the truck, the bed was in decent shape and relatively complete given its age.  All the original wood was there, but covered by some rotting ply.  It was missing the tailgate and hinge, but overall the metal was in great shape.

The VERY first thing I did the week I took possession of the truck was to start work on the bed.  Ironically – it’ll likely be the last thing to be completed!  The first thing to do was to pull the ply, and all the original boards and rails.  They were in pretty rough shape.  I kept two of the boards as reference, and all the rails – just in case.  The bolts surprisingly came out pretty easy.   The stringers under all the wood were in excellent condition – likely preserved by the two layers of wood!

IMG_5581.JPG IMG_5586.JPG IMG_5589.JPG

The PO had built a toolbox and attached it to the front drivers side of the bed.  This isn’t going to stay.  The spare tire carrier on the passenger side was nothing more than a long bolt through the bed, this isn’t staying either.

IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0002.JPG IMG_0007.JPG IMG_0008.JPG

Next the box was dismantled itself.  Again, only 2 bolts needed to be cut off, not at all!

IMG_0002.JPG IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0007.JPG IMG_0010.JPG IMG_0014.JPG


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