Welcome to my blog, chronicling the restoration of my Canadian built, 1949 Chevy 1434 – 1 ton dump truck! (US 3800)

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I hope to show you with blogs and photos how an average guy turns a rusty 60 year old pickup truck, back into the machine that rolled off the assembly line in October of 1949.

I’ve planned to take about 5 years to complete the project, I’m not sure if that’s too aggressive or too long!  With 4 kids on the go at home, getting time to work on the truck presents itself in small windows spread far apart!   The good thing about that is I have a lot of reading and planning time before I set out to work on a piece.  So far it’s been working out pretty good.  Over this winter I’ve been rebuilding the smaller engine pieces, (carb, distributor, fuel pump) and gathering the tools, parts and knowledge to rebuild the engine in the spring.  It also helps spread out the cost which is a very big factor!

Interested in how the truck came to be?  Read The Story!

Enjoy your stay,