Radio test fit!

IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0005.JPGI had to give the radio a test fit – and it fit like a glove!  I was slightly disappointed to find out the hole in the dash where the volume button slid through was drilled larger.  This was to accomodate the replacement horn button the PO had installed.  I’ll try to weld up a patch later.  The buzzing of the vibrator can be felt in the dash – but once the engine is running – its hard to hear the humming – let alone the radio!  😛

4 thoughts on “Radio test fit!

    • Glad you enjoyed it – I find it easier to work on my truck when I have reference pictures – so I’m trying to photo everything I do, for not only my own reference, but other who decide to take on this great hobby as well!

  1. I wonder if Toni even knows what a clutch head screw is, Advance Design or a StoveBolt is. Me being a GearFreak and an Internatioanl Playboy think yuh did a Great Job!

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